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Cherry blossoms at the South Coast Botanic Garden. The whole park is curated, with some parts arranged to seem wild(ish) and others, like this one, more garden-like.


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Just received a roll of Fuji Provia 100 slide #film back from my local lab. Example #photos from that roll here. Love the colors, and Provia scans very easily.

Selamat datang @Kimy di semoga betah dan nyaman disini :)

lama-lama berasa kayak IRC ini mastodon hehehe...
Jaman jayanya psyBNC dan BitchX

Wah mantab, mastodon Indonesia bertambah lagi :). Salam kenal mas @deikatsuo :)

Quote from Allan Friedman "
ACM launching new journal on infosec trying to bridge gap b/n research and practice, focusing on rigorous analysis of real world threats, w @certcc editors. Seems tailor-made for folks like @halvarflake @marasawr and, if he ups his game, even @daveaitel

This is very good progress.

For you who curious with Quantum Computing. You can register this online class

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@deadsuperhero can you tell me how to configure our own SMTP ?. I want to replace mailgun with my own SMTP server.

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I live next to the steep and rapid Brandywine River. It once powered hundreds of water wheels, making my area the heart of the industrial revolution in the American colonies. After hard rains, silt washed from Pennsylvania farms turns the river copper brown. Calmer, she runs clear and dark. In all seasons I love to #photograph the ever changing #Brandywine.

banyak yang sarkas juga ya di beberapa instance... tapi mungkin ya begitu. Tiap instance punya kebijakan sendiri-sendiri

Hi, saya reboot server dulu ya.

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Bryan Lunduke's message to Mastodon developers:

"If you're listening, we need an ability to move between servers & migrate an account between servers where people who are following that account get updated in some way to follow it on a new server".

The issue was such: went down. Lunduke lost all of his account data with it being the most followed (4000) person on that particular server.

How to address this problem?

#Mastodon #Lunduke #trouble

Selamat datang @riipandi di :)

Semoga betah disini :)

Okay, this is very funny

Quote from Joe Armstrong, "You wanted a banana but what you got was a gorilla holding the banana and the entire jungle"